Forex australian dollar

forex australian dollar

Stronger than expected US data took the focus of the markets. Limited movement was dictated by ECB President Mario Draghi, who did not mention anything about the economy and monetary policy in the euro area in his speech yesterday.

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Stronger than expected retail sales helped the single currency to prevent greater losses as the dollar rose. The British pound again recorded a decline after the slow growth of the construction sector.

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With the worst performance in the last session were the Australian and New Zealand dollar, although losses were outlined during the European trading session. During the US session the two currencies have stabilized, pausing greater losses for the day.

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The Australian dollar is selling off sharply after the announcement of monetary policy by the Reserve Bank in the country. As expected, the bank left interest rates unchanged and remained optimistic about global trade, credit and industrial production.

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Successful day for exchanges in Europe and the US European stock markets closed with small increases on Tuesday as a major factor for this are mining and oil companies which prevailed over the concerns of the meeting, which will take place later this week between Donald Trump and General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and president - Xi Jinping. The European Stoxx Europe ended with a rise of 0.

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Thus, the index erased part of its 0. FTSE ended in green zone with a rise of 0.

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Mainly its forex australian dollar was due to weak British currency, and thanks to companies engaged in the acquisition and exploration of precious-metals such as gold and silver. Their stocks rose amid appreciation of precious metals.

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